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45Caterers found in Singapore for

Asian and Western Buffets, Mini Buffets, Bento Box Catering

International Cuisine Halal Party Packages

Thematic Buffet catering with full set up & decor

Asian and Western Halal Buffets, Bento Boxes and Baby Celebration Packages

  • Catering Company
  • 6 - 48 hours notice
  • $100 min order
Availability: Mon - Sun 8:00am - 9:00pm
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Applicable to all orders made until November 30th.

Specialized in Theme Cuisines - Peranakan, Healthy & International Buffets, Mini Buffets and Bento Boxes

Halal Thai Party Sets, Catering Packages and Bento Meals

Singaporean Buffets with Full Set Up

Wholesome Quality Buffets, Canapes and Meal Box Packages

Gourmet Halal Buffets, Mini Buffets and Bento Boxes

  • Catering Company
  • 4 - 72 hours notice
  • $100 min order
Availability: Mon - Sun 7:30am - 6:30pm

Western and Asian Buffets, Mini Buffets and Packed Meals

Quality Halal Catering for Events and Special Occasions

Western Sharing Platters, Canapes and Individually Packed Meals

Asian and Western Buffets, Sharing Platters, Desserts and Cakes

Oriental & Western Seminar Buffet with full set up

Fusion International Cuisine Lunch Bowls and Sharing Platters, Canape Buffets

  • Restaurant with Catering
  • 24 hours notice
  • $30 min order
Availability: Mon - Fri 9:30am - 9:00pm, Sat - Sun 9:30am - 5:30pm

    Buffet Catering in Singapore made simple - order online!

    When hosting an event, the food is an integral part. Whether you’re ordering food for your house-warming party, planning the perfect baby shower or baby first month, or trying to impress your guests at a corporate event, make your life simpler. Don’t leave things to chance - check CaterSpot for %country% buffet catering reviews, see photos of the dishes and set up, and compare menus from the best caterers in Singapore. Find caterers that serve the food that you need, from chinese buffet, halal buffet, vegetarian buffet or even a special CNY buffet. And what’s best - you can complete your booking online in just a few short minutes! 

    Order Buffet Catering for any Budget or Party Size

    With so many caterers available on CaterSpot, you’ll find buffet menus that meet any budget, from cheap buffet catering options to premium services. Narrow down your search and find buffet price range filters that suit you. Worried about your party size? You can also find buffet catering menus for 20 pax, 30 pax or even big guest lists of 100 pax and above.  

    Guide to Ordering Buffet Catering in Singapore - FAQ

    Finding the right buffet caterer for an event can be tricky. There’s a lot of things to think about: what dishes do you order? will it be enough food? what equipment do I need? Is that equipment provided?  CaterSpot helps you find the answers, by showing detailed information on every menu. Still not sure? Chat with us on our live chat or reach out to our Concierge to help plan your event.

    What’s included with a Buffet?

    Typically a buffet package will include chafing dishes to keep the food warm during your event, as well as plates and cutlery.  This will be specified on the menu you are ordering.  Many caterers also offer options to select the color of the table skirting provided and the decorations or buffet theme.  If you require additional equipment, tables, stools, chairs, and more can usually be rented and ordered from the menu.

    Should I hire waiters for my buffet?
    You may want to have your buffet served, rather than having your guests self-serve. Many of the caterers provide buffet packages including wait staff or with optional hire.

    How much food should I order?
    Buffets are priced on a per person basis. This means for most menus, you will just have to select the number of pax you are serving. Caterers will then typically provide enough food for 1:1 basis, with some additional buffer.