Vegetarian Catering in Singapore

Planning a party for vegetarian guests? Browse the vegetarian catering menu options offered by our featured caterers and restaurants. Order vegetarian buffets, mini-buffets, bento boxes and more and delight all of your guests.

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Halal Thai Party Sets, Catering Packages and Bento Meals

Asian and Western Halal Buffets, Bento Boxes and Baby Celebration Packages

Thai Party Sets and Bento Meals

Buffet and Canapé Menus for Corporate and Private Event Buffets

Dim Sum Party Sets, Bentos and Noodle Trays

4.1/ 5
9 reviews

Tasty Irish Sandwiches and Salads

Thematic Buffets and Bento Boxes

Fresh and Healthy Sandwiches, Salads and Party Platters

4.1/ 5
8 reviews

Gourmet Halal Buffets, Mini Buffets and Bento Boxes

Halal Kebab Platters and Packed Meals

Thai and Indonesian Halal Bento Boxes and Party Packages

4.8/ 5
7 reviews

Sub Platters and Giant Subs

Vibrant Fresh Cuisine For Everyone

4.6/ 5
9 reviews

Western Sharing Platters, Canapes and Individually Packed Meals

Healthy, convenient Korean lunch bowl packs

4.8/ 5
6 reviews

Salad Trays and Food Bowl Packages